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I help founders and organizations turn their digital products or services into successful data-driven businesses with a user-centered focus.

Launching new ventures, or improving upon an existing one, can be a complex task with many unknown factors and changing conditions.
Business and Technology Startup Consulting services can help.

I will offer expert advice at a click of a button and help you turn ideas into reality
Improve the chances of success, save time and cost, increase the quality of deliverables
And co-design, build, test, measure, learn and improve.

me Me in a nutshell

Industrial engineer with a specialization in technology and nuclear physics, experienced startup founder in charge of technology, solution design and business development, I am today a senior professional with successes in small to large-scale projects and programme management.
I love building web apps and pitch decks people love, advocating for diversity, inclusion and fairness, developing skills and training teams.
What drives me? Fun challenges, learn new things, travels and exploring cultures.

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Deep Tech Startup Coaching

Strategy and planning for problem and solution exploration.

Identification and selection

Product or service design

Pitch and business model training

Revenue modeling (SaaS/HaaS/PaaS/e-com)

Web analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content marketing, Conversion funnel

Curriculum & Learning Material Development

Identifying user needs

Gathering resources from research or subject-matter experts

Develop training materials over various levels of understanding

Deploy course modules to beta -then live- learners, measure progress, build data visualizations and reporting to audience and management.

Decentralized Ledger Technology Advisory

Web3 innovation-as-a-service with a human-centered design approach to problem solving. Educating, raising awareness, training communities on blockchain technology, governance and applications (in particular for cryptocurrencies, logistic, proof-of-origin, single identity or CBDC), online, in-person and hybrid.
More about Tokenomics

Innovation & Data-driven Business Development with Storytelling

We co-build with enterprises the ability to use compeling and authentic stories in their sales conversations with customers.

Quantum Computing Software-as-a-Service

Helping industry actors to solve complex problems by harnessing the power of quantum computing technologies. Application software and services that leverage non-linear system modeling and heuristic mathematics, built on top of gate-based quantum computers, quantum annealer and classical solvers, as well as quantum hardware like quantum random number generator. More about Quantum



75% Complete


60% Complete

Node JS

55% Complete


40% Complete

Machine Learning - AI - Data Science

70% Complete


90% Complete


70% Complete

Process & methods (Lean - Six Sigma - Agile - Design Thinking)

85% Complete

Cloud DevOps

60% Complete

Info Sec

50% Complete

Quantum computing

50% Complete

Space technology

70% Complete


90% Complete


100% Complete


65% Complete


70% Complete

& More

More about what I do

Some clients and partners

european agency for the space programme
european space agency
instituto pedro nunes
international organization for migration
sahgrenska university hospital digital center
africa blockchain institute

Here is what they say

Shmuel D., Google
shmuel-recommendation "I worked very closely with Eugène. He was an incredible resource for my team at Google and I truly believe he would be a significant asset to any organization."
Tanya F., International SOS
tanya-recommendation "Eugene is energetic, driven, and wants to accomplish as much as possible each day. He is friendly, engaging, cooperative, and congenial."
Jean de Dieu N.
jean-recommendation "I have known Desire since the time we met at local Artificial Intelligence (AI) meetup. At the time, he was driving a lot of tech initiatives, inspiring and advising young innovators, and attracting people to join meetups in field of AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. (...) I recommend him for (and not limited to) startups advising, implementing technical projects and pushing the state of tech in community."